What is an Experience Strategy?

An experience strategy is the sum total of all the activities a company puts in motion to deliver positive interactions with a product or service. Typically, companies design these activities to create unique customer experiences that differ from that of the competitor.

Exceptional customer experience is key to retaining customers. Additionally, it fosters customer loyalty. For companies that are looking for a way to boost brand trust, experience strategy is the answer.

Experience Strategy: Breaking it Down

Experience strategy is not just one activity. Instead, it’s a collection of tasks that should be performed by different people in different departments that exist within a company. For instance, a company looking to bolster customer experience will have to make changes to retail, product engineering, customer support and more.

Granted, some activities have a profound impact on customer experience. For instance, the speed and efficiency of customer support will definitely impact how customers view a brand. However, all company activities should (tentatively) be a part of the experience.

Understanding customer strategy is knowing that not every activity has to be a part of the strategy. Essentially, there’s no need for companies to do everything to reach a customer experience goal. In fact, tweaking some activities may take companies away from the customer experience goal.

Experience Strategy

The end goal of a customer experience strategy is to deliver positive experiences. However, there must be a balance. Yes, companies should bolster customer experience. But, an experience strategy should make sure the overall value of a product doesn’t become too expensive. With a sudden increase in price comes a general reception that may be negative, effectively reducing overall customer experience.

Finally, an experience strategy is unique. The activities that make up an experience strategy must differ from the competitors. Essentially, customers should easily be able to identify each step in the delivery of products/services with the company. This is the only way managers and decision makers can reap the benefits of an experience strategy.


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