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2020 TikTok Advertising Platform Lessons

Disregarding that the Tiktok ads platform is a poor copy of the facebook ads platform, and whatever you think of the Chinese owned company. We have given the self serve Tiktok ads platform a small test to see how its features stacks up against it’s other advertising rivals.

I would like to mention, that sometimes the best way to optimise your ads is to just move your ads to a new platform. In example, leads may cost you £50+ on adwords, but moving that budget to facebook ads the leads may only cost £5+.

Just down to the nature of the platform. It’s very unlikely you would have been able to optimise Adwords down to that CPA. So it’s always worth reviewing and testing new ad platforms.

TikTok Advertising
Tik Tok ads Platform lessons and key takeaways 2020.

So, that being said…Lets jump into Tiktok ads…

The lessons we have learned from running some small scale tests on the platform are as follows.

TikTok Advertising

  1. There is a huge scale on Tiktok ads. You can drive traffic and get sales very quickly if you have the budget. Average CPC for our tests were 0.13p per click in the UK. ( Which is about half the cost of FB ads)

2. Their current incentive to match your ad spend is a great introductory offer, an excellent way to get advertisers on-board. They also give you around $300 of ad credits. (around £240) – there’s a lesson here on on-boarding. Losing money up front to make money later.

The tiktok lessons

3. You can’t currently advertise in America on the TikTok social platform, but you can use TikTok’s partner networks. Which includes the following…News feed app series, Vigo, Helo, Pangle. But not TikTok. ( For America only. Ads results on these were pretty standard, the main Tiktok social platform is the key driver here. )

4. You can’t currently target target individual cities. Only countries.

5. There are a few optimisation options to choose from similar to the Facebook ads.

6. They have a tracking pixel, again, very similar to the facebook ads platform and they also have custom audience options. Lookalike audiences are also available to create.

7. You can advertise on the TikTok platform in the following countries…

Egypt, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam

8. It uses tags for targeting as well as a broad interest base selection. You’re able to select any tags you wish. In theory this makes it a little bit more specific than the facebook ads interest targeting.

9 Surprising clean ads setup experience and reporting.


Whatever you think of Tiktok and their business, the ads platform they have built is very similar to the facebook ads platform, but a little cleaner. If you’re used to running Facebook ads in the power editor, you’ll have no issue running Tiktok ads.

CPC and CPM costs are in our tests much lower than the average on Facebook, about half the cost from our benchmarks. So there may be an arbitrage opportunity for building your brand through TikTok ads currently.

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