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Building Your Brand Through Social Media

Throughout the world, there are more than 3.725 billion active social media users, and the average person has 7.6 social media accounts. If you’re not using social media to curate a brand and grow your audience, you’re missing out on a lot of great opportunities.

Read on to learn more about the importance of social media branding, as well as some steps you can take today to start building your brand.

What Is Social Media Branding?

social media branding

Social media branding is all about using various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to manage your business’s image and identity. There’s a lot that goes into social media branding, including the following:

  • Planning and posting content across various platforms on a consistent basis
  • Integrating and aligning your social media presence with your offline marketing efforts
  • Engaging with social media followers by regularly responding to comments and online messages

Benefits of Social Media Branding

A strong social media branding strategy can help you to improve your business’s search engine ranking, grow your audience, and get more people interested in your products or services. It helps you to build credibility and establish yourself as an expert or trusted source within your industry, too.

There are plenty of other advantages that come with building a brand on social media, though, including the following:

  • Humanize your brand
  • Stay relevant
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales
  • Source content ideas/material
  • Learn more about your audience
  • Manage your brand’s reputation

How to Start Brand Building on Social Media

Okay, you’re convinced that including social media into your brand building strategy is a smart idea. However, you might also be feeling confused or overwhelmed about where to start.

If this is the case, here are some simple, actionable tips you can implement today to start building your brand:

Get to Know Your Audience

One of the most important steps you can take when building a brand (both on social media and offline) is to get clear about your audience and the type of person you’re trying to reach.

It doesn’t matter how well-designed the infographics that you share are or how interesting your video content is. If your target audience can’t see it and engage with it because you’re posting it on the wrong platform, you’re not going to see the kind of results you’re looking for.

Because of this, it’s important to get to know your audience. For starters, use tools like search engine and website analytics to find out the average age, gender, and location of your audience. The more details you can gather, the better.

Once you’ve learned more about your customer demographics and psychographics (things like their interests and spending habits), you can create buyer personas. This will help you know who you’re talking to when you create content for social media to ensure you’re appealing to your target audience.

Choose the Right Platforms

Once you’ve spent time learning about your audience, it’ll be easier for you to figure out which platforms you should be placing the most emphasis on when building your brand.

If you have a very young audience, for example, you might be better off using platforms like TikTok and Snapchat for your social media branding. If your audience is older, on the other hand, Facebook might be a better place to focus the majority of your energy.

This isn’t to say that you can’t use other platforms, of course. However, if you want to streamline your social media branding efforts and see the greatest returns, it’s best to meet your audience where they are when it comes to your branding efforts.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Let’s say you’re already using social media but haven’t been very consistent with it or aren’t seeing the kind of results you’d like. It might be helpful to conduct a social media audit and take a look at what you’re doing well and where you could improve.

Consider, for example, whether the colors, fonts, and images used in your posts seem to line up with your other, offline branding efforts. Ask yourself, too, if you’ve been consistent with your posting or if you need to work on posting more frequently and/or engaging more deeply with your audience.

Establish Brand Voice and Tone

Think about how you’re going to address your audience on social media. What kind of tone do you want to use in your posts? What kind of message do you want to deliver? Do you want to be serious and business-like? Do you want to take a funnier, more lighthearted approach?

There’s no wrong answer here. Think back to your audience and what they’re more likely to respond to on social media. Use your buyer personas to guide your content creation and put out the material your target audience wants to see.

Create a Content Calendar

A common challenge for businesses when building their brand on social media is figuring out what kind of content to post.

To avoid finding yourself scrambling to think of something to post to remain relevant, sit down and create a content calendar at the beginning of the month. Get clear on what you’re going to post each day and prep content ahead of time so that it’s easy to publish while sticking to your schedule.

Here are some ideas of the types of posts you might want to include in your content calendar:

  • Contests and giveaways
  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything)
  • Share user-generated content (e.g., images or videos of customers using your products)
  • How-to or explanation videos
  • Memes
  • Polls
  • Behind-the-scenes photos and/or videos
  • Announcements and/or milestone celebrations

Build Your Brand Today

As you can see, there are lots of advantages that come with having a social media presence and using social media branding to increase your reach and grow your business.

Keep this information, as well as the tips for getting started, in mind as you move forward with your company. They’ll help you build a recognizable brand and enjoy the growth you deserve.

If you want to learn more about social media branding or social media marketing for your business, check out some of the other resources on our site today.

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