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How Automation and Outsourcing Provide More Hours in the Day

Looking for more hours in the day?

Wishing there was more of you to go around?

You’re not alone.

When you really think about all the tasks that go into running your business, it can quickly become overwhelming.


But here’s the thing: more hours in the day is possible when you outsource and automate.

4 Steps to Get Started

1. Decide what is truly important.

Time is your most precious asset. Treat it accordingly.

Think about how you want to spend it and only spend it on the things that matter to you most.


2. Quantify what “enough” means to you.

Goal setting is important in this process. Begin with the end in mind as you set financial goals for the business.

How much do you really want and need to make?

3. Identify the key processes required to accomplish those goals.

Too often, people spend time to save money. It should be the other way around.

In order to move on to the next step, identify a few lean processes that require your attention and aim to eventually automate and outsource the rest.

4. Get started.

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest part when it comes to doing things differently.

Start small and begin with the low hanging fruit.

Which simple tasks do you already know should be automated or outsourced?

Once you select a few transactions to take off of your plate, it becomes much easier to identify other areas for driving efficiency.

Good luck and enjoy the time you will save!

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