Don’t Overthink Your Business Follow Up

So you’ve worked hard to obtain tons of leads, so what happens next? The follow-up.

Following up in business is essential. The faster you follow up the more likely you are to make a conversion.


In fact, a Velocify survey revealed that sales conversions are 391% higher in the first minute. A quick response time helps establish trust between you and your prospect.

Here are a few follow-up strategies you can use to nurture leads:

Use Customization

Creating a personalized experience for prospects makes all the difference. One survey found that 72% of consumers only engage with marketing messages tailored to them.

An example of a personalized follow-up message would be including the prospects name in the email subject line. Sounds simple enough but marketers have reported a 26% increase in email open rates.

Don’t Try to Sell follow-up

There’s nothing more off-putting than an email trying to sell something. Your follow-ups should be a dialogue between your brand and your prospect.

What we mean by this is that your follow up should be conversational. This isn’t the time to emphasize your brand’s selling points. Being too “salesy” in your follow-up is one way to lose a potential customer.


Don’t Overthink Your Business Follow Up

Business owners think their follow up should be time-consuming or intricate. But in reality, it should be as straightforward as possible. Oftentimes a simple “Are you still interested” email works.

Many marketers swear by the nine-word email because it helps establish trust between your prospect and your business without being overwhelming.

We hope this quick guide makes it easier to connect with your leads. Follow our blog for more advice on ramping up your marketing strategy.

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